Automatic machines for wire processing

  • Automatic machines for wire processing
  • Semi-automatic machines for wire processing
  • Stripping and terminal crimping equipment
  • Crimp Machines
  • Stripping devices
  • Crimp Applicators

The main group of machines and devices used in the production of electrical harnesses are automatic machines and devices for wire processing. They are used to cut wires to a specific length, stripping insulation, applying gaskets, crimping the ends and printing markings on the wires. These activities can be performed simultaneously or separately on dedicated devices. In each case, the processes are subject to control. Crimping of the tips, which is always 100% monitored by the crimping controller. Most of the devices were manufactured by the Swiss company Komax. In addition, we use machines from leading companies in this industry such as Mecal, Hanke, JST, TE.


Crimp verification devices

  • Laboratories for micrographs
  • Pull-out force Testers
  • Crimping height meter
  • Microscopes

Connections used in electrical harnesses must be 100% reliable and durable, especially when tightness of connections is required. In order to ensure high quality of crimped connections in the produced electrical harnesses, the crimping process must be carefully monitored. Each crimping device, automatic or semi-automatic, has a built-in crimping controller.
We have verification devices for the complete evaluation of the crimp. This group of devices includes: laboratories for making specimens combined with software for measuring and evaluating the ability of archiving the results, tearing machines for measuring the mechanical strength of joints, specialized devices for measuring connection dimensions and microscopes for visual evaluation and measurements.


Taping equipment

  • Automatic taping machines for electric harnesses
  • Devices for point taping

In the electrical harness production, tightness, resistance to mechanical damage during operation and minimization of noise that can be caused by loose elements are very important.
In order to meet the above requirements, it is common to tape harnesses with various types of tapes. This process is carried out on specialized automatic wrappers or semi-automatic machines. These devices were manufactured by Ondal or Kabatech. All of them have the ability to adjust the speed of rotation and the tape pitch. The devices also automatically measure the length of the taped section of electric wire harness.
Strapping is possible with the use of various types of tapes: PVC, textile, paper, etc.


Additional devices

  • Grommet expanders
  • Devices for applying cable clips
  • Devices to heat shrink
  • Cable twisting machines

In the process of producing electric harnesses, there is often a need to use additional activities consisting in installing various types of components, additional processing consisting in twisting or heat shrink tubes.


Sensor assembly station

Body tilt sensors are also installed in addition to the wiring harnesses. This assembly takes place on a specialized and fully automatic stand. During assembly, all process parameters are checked, in particular the torques when screwing the elements. The process ends with full control of the sensor characteristics. The control results as well as the measured parameters in the production process are archived.


Resistance welders, ultrasonic wire splicers, soldering irons and automatic potting machines

  • Automatic machines for securing tin deposits
  • Resistance welders, ultrasonic wire splicers
  • Automatic soldering irons
  • Autobast soldering and potting machines
  • Automatic potting machines

In addition to standard machines that enable connecting wires to each other by crimping, our machine park also ultrasonic wire splicers, which are required for the production of electric wire harnesses for hybrid and electric cars. An indispensable element of hybrid and electric cars are also leakproof sensors which we are able to produce directly on the machine for soldering and pouring resin, as well as separately on the soldering machine and the machine.

We also have an automatic machine that enables the mounting of tin deposits to wires and electrical harnesses used as an element of the car window heating system.


Electrical harness testing tables

All manufactured electrical harnesses are subject to 100% final inspection. The control takes place on specialized test tables. All parameters are subject to control:

  • Correct connections,
  • No short circuits,
  • Tightness of connections,
  • Presence of all required harness elements,
  • Correct assembly of elements,
  • Correctness of connections of individual elements of the harness.

The test tables are controlled by special computer programmers, and the individual controls are carried out by electrical meters, leakage sensors, sensors and vision cameras, etc.

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