Electric wire harnesses

The main products of the company are various electric bundles, primarily used in the automotive industry, modern control systems for intelligent buildings installations as well as in electronic devices. The attached photos show only examples of solutions and products. The produced electric wire harnesses may have a length of 30 mm up to 15,000 mm. The degree of complexity is very diverse, ranging from the simplest single-wire solutions to very complex multi-wire harnesses with built-in electronic components, equipped with accessories enabling assembly at the target sites. The technologies used in the company enable the production of electrical harnesses ensuring both external tightness through the use of special elements, as well as internal tightness between the wires.

Overmoulded plugs

Watertightness water resistance is a very important feature of harnesses in the era of hybrid or electric cars and commonly used electronics. More important than the tightness of the wire harness itself is the tightness of the connections between the harness elements and the mating elements. To ensure this, the company has implemented a wide range of plugs made with the use of overmoulding technology. It is a solution that, apart from the water and dust resistance discussed earlier, guarantees secure connections, and the durability and reliability are much higher than in traditional solutions. Overmoulded plugs produced by our company contain many innovative solutions protected by patents..

Metallic parts and elements

Our company’s offer includes a number of metal or metal elements combined with plastics. These products are made by plastic working or machining. Depending on the customer’s requirements, in cooperation with our numerous subcontractors, we protect these elements against corrosion with various types of coatings.

Elements flooded with resin

To ensure tightness, mechanical resistance or long service life, some electronic components or sensors are filled with resin. The products we manufacture are made with the use of various resins (multi-component, single-component) with the use of various hardening methods (chemically cured, light-cured, etc.).

Wire harnesses with tin deposits

The elements we produce with tin deposits guarantee a secure connection of the deposit, with no risk of it detaching in the transport or during further production process. The applied technology of securing the deposits does not melt or remove the flux inside, which is necessary to ensure correct soldering. Tin can be formed into deposits of various shapes and fastened to various types of elements (flat bars, plates, elements crushed on the cable of the ampoule type, compacted cable ends by means of ultrasonic welding, etc.).

Soldered parts and elements

Electronic components or some elements of vision systems are joined by soldering. The products we offer are soldered manually or in an automatic cycle. Depending on the customer’s requirements and the type of joined elements, we use various types of binders and fluxes.


For the correct functioning of various types of systems in cars, buildings or other places, it is necessary to perform measurements of various parameters. Our offer includes various types of sensors that we build into our harnesses or deliver as independent elements. The examples shown are elements used to measure temperature, voltage as a function of the sensor arm position, etc.

Plastic parts and elements

Our offer includes many products and components made by processing plastics. These items are being used in our harnesses and other products, as well as deliver to our customers. The offer in this group includes housings, bodies, covers, etc.