elektroMETAL was founded in 1984. Initially, company’s activity was limited to the production of small metal elements intended for the aftermarket parts as well as elements of additional car equipment. Then the company’s activity was extended to the production of parts and components delivered directly to car manufacturers. The main costumer of the company in that period was Fabryka Samochodow Małolitrażowych (currently FIAT AUTO POLAND). We have taken actions intended to ensure the highest-quality of delivered elements, which resulted in the obtaining of Certificate of Supply Quality AQP in 1999. It gave us possibility to deliver parts directly to production without additional systematic controls. Further development of the company, as well as care for ensuring the right conditions for maintaining the reliability of production and proper working conditions for the staff, led to the construction of Plant No. 2 in Jaworze, near Bielsko-Biała, at Słoneczna Street 333 in 1999. This department has created the possibility of extending operations of ELEKTROMETAL company over providing products for many other automotive companies, such as:

  • FIAT (currently FCA),
  • GM
  • FICOMIRRRORS Polska, Francja, Brazylia, Turcja, Indie, Hiszpania, Chiny
  • Amphenol
  • Estelsan
  • IMI International
  • Proseat
  • ITW Szwecja
  • Techniplast
  • MCI
  • EDS Manufacturing

Measures aimed at continuous improvement of the products quality, as well as assurance of stability and reliability of the entire production process, led the company to the introduction of a Quality Management System compliant with ISO / TS 16949: 2002 norm, positively approved by external auditing organizations. Currently, the company plans to expand the production facility which will allow further development and expansion of number of customers, mainly foreign companies from the automotive industry.

In 2013, the company headquarters were moved to a new facility located in 1339 Jasienica (near Bielsko-Biała). In 2014, this building was expanded.
In recent years, the company has changed its nature and scope of services provided to clients. In addition to the production of parts according to the customer’s documentation, it’s also supports customers in the field of product development and design, searching for optimal suppliers, optimization of logistics processes, market knowledge and customer needs (especially in the era of extraordinary development of hybrid and electric drivetrains), which allowed to develop many solutions that were co-developed with our clients. Our innovative product and process solutions relate to methods of producing plugs and connections that ensure waterproofness and reliability, methods of applying tin deposits without damaging the flux. Our innovative solutions have been used in many projects of our clients as well as are the subject of many of our patent applications.


Our goal is to produce parts and components for the automotive industry. We deliver our products to domestic and foreign customers. Production is based on chipless metal machining and processing of plastics and, above all, in the treatment of electric wires and production of complete wiring harnesses used in cars.

In addition to the production of parts according to customer documentation, we offer support in the product design process, selection of suppliers and optimization of logistics processes.

We also offer our own innovative solutions of watertight automotive plugs and connectors, wire harness with tin deposits, etc. These solutions are innovative in terms of products and processes, which is supported by numerous patent applications.


The elektroMETAL company has a qualified staff that guarantees stable and reliable implementation of the assumed quantitative and qualitative goals. Many systems of staff training and improvement are used in the company which ensures high level of quality, as well as flexible response to the varied and variable quantitative and assortment requirements of all our customers.


We place great emphasis on the ecology. Processes, as well as any other actions taken on our grounds, are planned and implemented in a safe way for the environment.

To effectively and properly pursue this objective, Environmental Management System compliant with ISO 14001:2015 norm has been introduced. It has been also positively approved by an external auditing organization.